Time of Thousands of Lights

Deer carpaccio on Belgian endive with balzamic cream and slices of Grana Padano
Goose liver with honey and white truffle 
Grilled Jacob's mussel with "burrata" cheese, black truffle and sun dried tomato  
Octopus carpaccio with cuttlefish crouton 
Cocoa cappellacci "on fire" 
Raviolli filled with deer, burrata cheese, cranberries and juniper berries on orange-ginger dressing
Tuscan pasta with duck ragu, orange and fresh truffle
Salad with grilled slices of "black angus" beef, radicchio Treviggiano, Belgian endive, pear and nuts
Confit lamb leg with grilled Treviggiano radicchio and saffron mashed potato 
Sucklig pig confit in peperoncini sauce with potato cake and crispy bacon 
Pork ribs confit with grilled potatoes, red cabbage salad, BBQ and yoghurt sauce 
Goulash of wild boar with cranberries gnocchi
Pizza Piazza Cortina 
Pelati, mozzarella fiordilatte, grilled slices of "black angus" beff, grilled artichokes, friarielli and capers, chutney of red onion
Pizza Piazza Aosta 
Pelati, mozzarella fiordilatte and buffalo ricotta, friarielli, grilled artichokes, shrimps, Lardo bacon, black pepper, olive oil
Millefoglie with candied fruit and almonds5,30 €