Gourmeè Autumn

Creamy pumpkin soup with truffles4.90 €
Jesen v Piazzi
Goose liver with honey and white truffle17.50 €
Grilled Jacob's mussel with "burrata" cheese black truffle and sun dried tomato12.50 €
Jesen v Piazzi
Risotto with candied muscat pumpkin, radicchio trevigiano and roasted pancetta bacon13.60 €
Picci13.60 €
Pasta With duck ragu
Homemade chestnuts "cappellacci" (filled ravioli) on muscat pumpkin cream13.60 €
"Paccheri" pasta from Gragnano with fresh istrian black truffle 14.90 €
Jesen v Piazzi
Fillet of "Black angus" in Port and Marsala wine sauce with truffle potato puree29.90 €
Lamb leg confit (slowly baked at low temperature) with pumpkin and chestnut gnocchi25.90 €
Goulash of wild boar with pumpkin and chestnut gnocchi13.90 €
Pork ribs confit with grilled potatoes, red cabbage salad, BBQ and yoghurt sauce12.60 €
Jesen v Piazzi
Salad with grilled slices of "black angus" beef, radicchio treviggiano, belgian endive, pear and nuts14.50 €
Salad with smoked duck chest fillet - spring lettuce and rocket salad with smoked duck chest fillet, fresh cheese, raisins, walnuts and pomegranate13.80 €
Jesen v Piazzi
Pizza Piazza Aosta13.60 € / 14.10 €
Tomato sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte, grilled slices of "black angus" beff, grilled artichokes, friarielli and capers, chutney of red onion
Pizza Piazza Cortina13.60 € / 14.10 €
Tomato sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte and buffalo ricotta, friarielli, grilled artichokes, shrimps, lardo bacon, black pepper, olive oil
Jesen v Piazzi
Roulade of mascarpone and chestnut mousse with khaki cream4.90 €
Greek yoghurt cream, with forest fruit and strawberry crispy 4.90 €