Gourmet Menu

Pumpkin soup with truffles4.30 €
Black angus beef carpaccio on rocket salad with slices of Grana Padano12.90 €
Goose liver with honey and white truffle17.50 €
Steak tartare of "Black angus beef" with butter flowers and toasted bread14.50 €
Cold cuts for two19.90 €
Tuscan prosciutto and salami, sausages of wild boar, Lardo bacon, fresh and mature sheep cheese, Grana Padano cheese, olives, capers, spicy peppers stuffed with cheese, loaf from oven
Grilled Jacob's mussel with "Burrata" cheese black truffle and sun dried tomato12.50 €
Carpaccio of fresh sea bass with chestnuts honey and fruit12.90 €
Octopus carpaccio with cuttlefish black crouton12.90 €
"Paccheri" pasta from Gragnano with black truffle13.90 €
"Pici" – Tuscan pasta with duck ragu, orange and fresh truffle12.40 €
"Pici" – Tuscan pasta with tomatoes, Burrata cheese and fresh basil11.90 €
"Pici cacio e pepe" – Tuscan pasta with fresh sheep cheese, pepper and olive oil11.90 €
Homemade tagliatelle with spider crab15.90 €
Lobster on homemade tagliolini pasta – for two38.90 €
Risotto with black truffle, shrimps and grilled Jacob's mussels15.90 €
Black cuttlefish risotto10.50 €
Grilled sea bass of Hvar with butter and herb potato15.90 €
Grilled sea bream of Hvar with buttered potato and "friarielli"15.90 €
Grilled octopus with vegetables and potatoes19.90 €
Pork ribs confit with grilled potatoes, red cabbage salad, BBQ and yoghurt sauce12.60 €
Goulash of wild boar with cranberries gnocchi13.10 €
Fillet of "Black angus" in Port and Marsala wine sauce with truffle potato puree26.90 €
Tagliata of "Black angus" beef with grilled vegetable, roasted polenta and tzatziki26.90 €
"Saltimboca alla Romana"15.40
Veal steak with prosciutto and fresh sage in vine sauce with grilled courgettes and potatoes
Pizza Piazza Aosta12.60 € – 13.10 €
Tomato sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte, grilled slices of "black angus" beff, grilled artichokes, friarielli and capers, chutney of red onion
Pizza Piazza Portofino12.60 € – 13.10 €
Tomato sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte and buffalo mozzarella in seafood "alla Buzara" – shrimp, mussels, octopus, squid
Pizza Piazza Cortina12.60 € – 13.10 €
Tomato sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte and buffalo ricotta, friarielli, grilled artichokes, shrimps, Lardo bacon, black pepper, olive oil
Piazza Margherita di Napoli10.90 € – 11.40 €
Tomato sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte and buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato and fresh basil
Salad with grilled slices of "black angus" beef, radicchio treviggiano, belgian endive, pear and nuts13.90 €
Salad with roasted beef slices, spring lettuce mix with roasted beef slices in mustard dressing with season fruit13.90 €
Salad with smoked duck chest fillet, spring lettuce and rocket salad with smoked duck chest fillet, fresh cheese, raisins, walnuts and pomegranate13,30 €
Salad with grilled fresh sheep chees, spring lettuce and rocket salad with grilled sheep cheese, prosciutto, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, summer fruit and mint dressing12.90 €
Tuscan salad10.90 €
Lettuce with rocket salad, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and prosciutto
Chocolate Soufflé with ice cream and raspberry dressing4.90 €
Millefoglie with fresh fruit4.50 €
Panna cotta on mango and passion fruit cream4.50 €
Chocolate mousse on mango and passion fruit purée4.50 €
Crème brûlée on fire4.50 €