Gourmet Summer

Octopus with sautéed potatoes and local pumpkin seeds oil 
Lime spaghetti with shrimp alla "mojito" 
Black cappellacci stu˙ed with burrata, mango, shrimp, with creamy Bronte Pistachio 
Spinach tagliatelle with salmon, riccota and Tuscany prosciutto 
Homemade squid ink pasta with clams 
Grilled salmon with white truffle cream and white truffle gnocchi 
Ribeye steak with grilled wegetableand baked potatoes  
Piazza Portofino

Mozzarella ÿordilatte in buffalo mozzarella, seafood "on buzara" – shrimp, mussels octopus, squid in tomato souce 
Salmon Avocado Salad

baby spinach, pine nuts, datterini, grana padano and lemon dressing 
Salad with Hvar Sea Bass

lettuce, Treviso raddichio, grilled sea bass, daterini, pine nuts, nectarines with olive oil and lemon dressing 
Greek yogurt panna cota with nuts and honey flavored with mint and lime 
Crème brûlée with blackcurrant topping